Extrait from documentary series "JIANG Zhenming". 
He is one of the 30 millions people who have Alzheimer disease worldwide, one of the 50 millions people who have dementia...It has been estimated by WHO that till 2050, there will be 150 millions people with dementia worldwide. 
He is my grandpa. His name is JIANG Zhenming.
More than 75% of Alzheimer's disease care is provided by family and friends. More than 60% of people with dementia live in developing countries. In average a caregiver spends a median of 3 to 9 hours a day with a dementia person, home caregivers are generally not financially supported by government.
"Gum disease–causing bacteria could spur Alzheimer's" read a new study in 2019, as I called my dad on the phone about it. "I'll pay more attention to oral health in the future, I don't wanna be like your grandpa" said my dad. 

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